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PaePae O He’eia Fishpond

The Paepae o He’eia Fishpond Exploration is just that, exploration of an ancient Hawaiian pond built for sustainable fish farming.  This is a true one-of-a-kind Hawaiian activity off the beaten path of your typical-adventure tour. On your exploration you will be briefed and taught the basics of kayaking and safety while learning the cultural significance of ancient Hawaiian fishponds. Our guides will talk about the importance of their “sustainable” existence to our ancestors , why we need to learn from them and how we can apply the same type of thinking to our current times viagra ligne france. You will be given an active role in resurrecting this once flourishing pond by fishing the predatory fish out with a Hawaiian-style bamboo fishing pole! After thoroughly exploring the fish pond guard house you’ll enjoy a nice paddle back to He’eia State Park and be welcomed by our Hawaiian BBQ lunch!


Paepae o He’eia Fishpond

Guided He’eia Fishpond Exploration

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